Augmented Reality Promo
You can check the Augma 3D Showcase right in Augmented Reality! Just need the standard Facebook application installed on your smartphone. That's all!
Augmented Reality,
AR for Facebook & Instagram
Bajeczny Barbakan (Social AR & Stands)
Bajeczny Barbakan is a unique interactive show in the historic center of Krakow (Poland). Right in the fortress. The project combines Light figures, Mapping, and Augmented Reality. Augma Studio was involved in the creation of AR Experience. We used Spark AR to promote the event on social media, and directly at the show. Our unique AR Stands have made people feel like heroes of historical Krakow legends. Thousands of people from all over the world have visited this show. UK, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Korea...

AR Mobile apps development

Powerful AR mobile application for Android/iOS based on modern recognition technologies and tools. The virtual world merges with real, realistic 3D models, interactivity, music - all big opportunities for your brand.

AR Face masks for Facebook/Instagram

AR Masks are gaining crazy popularity now. Millions of spreads. The recipe is simple - it's easy for users to take a photo with an overlay effect, you only need to have an Instagram / Facebook account. And your own face with a mask is perfect for fasting. An effective tool for advertising and entertainment.

AR Try-on ads
for products

With Augmented Reality ads, advertisers can incorporate augmented reality camera effects into their ads post-click, which brings people closer to products and experiences in a fun and entertaining way. Then, by incorporating calls to action within the camera experience, the viewer can seamlessly move from engaging with the product to making a purchase. Check Michael Kors success story.

Augmented reality
business cards

A business card represents you. But they are all alike. Augmented reality will help you stand out and be remembered. Works without additional applications.

"Live" labels, posters & book illustrations

Unique "live" product labels, posters and book illustrations with animated 3D composition & music. All content is compiled to create a unique experience. Emotions for customers and additional advertising for your brand.

3D Animated characters

Do you have your own branded character or need to show the car? We give your customers a unique opportunity to see with their own eyes the 3D model right where they are. In real size and with the ability to interact.

AR Stands for events

With AR Stands for Events, your visitor engagement and attention levels increase by 50-70%. The camera control program detects the faces of people in front of it and imposes various effects, displaying everything on the big screen.

Mini AR games

Mini AR games can strongly attract people's attention.
Simple, cool and controlled with your face - by smile, blink or head movements. Interesting for children and adults. Without installing an additional application!
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